A successful company

Leading producer of industrial coatings in the European market

750 different RAL colors permanently in store

Ecopolifix Srl - Socio unico is a young company, which was founded in 1994. Today Ecopolifix is one of the leading producers of industrial coatings in the European market, is specialized in the development of powder coatings. At the two production sites in Riese and Tezze situated in the northern region Veneto, about 12,000 tons of coatings for industrial applications are produced annually and delivered to customers worldwide.

Quick, standardized, and efficient

The company has perfected the ability to produce common as well as custom-made powder coating solutions in outstanding quality and shortest production times. This is possible mainly because of special production facilities developed and constructed by mechanical engineers of Ecopolifix. Ecopolifix is one of very few European manufacturers to have more than 750 different RAL colors permanently in store. All this enables the Italian company to achieve extremely short reaction times.

In 2009, the company was integrated into the strong Coating Division of Ring International Holding AG (RIH) which also includes the most successful Austrian industrial coatings producers Rembrandtin Lack and Rembrandtin Oberösterreich (formerly Christ Lacke) as well as the German powder coatings manufacturer Rembrandtin Powder Coating.