Superdurable powder coatings for the agricultural sector

Ecopolifix has always been sensitive and careful to the demands of the market and is constantly developing powder coating solutions that guarantee high outdoor resistance and increasingly ambitious performance. Recently, Ecopolifix complemented its product portfolio with a new super durable polyester series – specially developed for the ACE (Agricultural, Construction and Earthmoving) sector: The pure polyester (HAA-polyester) powder cures at low temperature  and offers a valid alternative to traditional super durable polyester systems hardened with TGIC or TGTMA (PT910). Due to its excellent UV resistance and other properties, the new series is particularly suitable for the application on large machinery in the agricultural, construction and earth moving sector. The products of these series are compliant with Qualicoat Class 2 specification and with the strictest quality standards required by the demanding ACE sector as well as the architectural and automotive sector. In compliance with the customers’ wishes the Qualicoat Class 2 product solutions can be designed in all RAL colours.

In addition to various technical advantages of standard super durable paints, the super durable polyester is an even more environmentally friendly solution by offering a significant reduction of CO2 and fuel consumption and causes practically zero VOC emissions.

Super durable polyester powder can also be used for aluminum windows, facade elements, cars components and other metal objects that require excellent resistance to intense UV radiation, high degrees of humidity, temperature changes and adverse weather conditions.

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