The Reward for qualified Bases for Sublimation

Sublimation printing is a special process by which decorations made of ink are transferred from the substrate to the coated surface by heat treatment with a special coating (base material). This transfer is called film transfer. The sublimation ink inside the ink is protected from external influences. Thus, the final decoration has excellent durability. Depending on the desired decoration, wood, marble, granite or countless other designs, patterns, colors and shades can be simulated.

Since 2004 Helios Coatings Italia is developing the ECOSUBLIFIX bases, a series of coatings for sublimation suitable for the realistic simulation of various types of wood on the aluminum profiles. There are already many coded ECOSUBLIFIX bases and a lot of them are always available on stock. ECOSUBFLIX bases guarantee the coverage of all the shades of color necessary to reproduce any wood effect.

The bases Q261-ECOSUBLIFIX PES Class 1 and N261- ECOSUBLIFIX PE-SD Class 2 bases are both approved according to the technical specifications of the “Qualicoat” quality label.

In March 2021 Helios Coatings Italia obtained the QAULIDECO certificate with license PS-027. QUALIDECO defines the quality requirements for the special finishes to be applied on decorated painted aluminum and monitors their compliance by licensed powder suppliers, film suppliers and final decorators world-wide.

The QUALIDECO approvals of the ECOSUBLIFIX bases are the result of the research and work of the Helios Coatings Italia laboratory for the numerous physical and instrumental tests performed on the samples over the years.

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